Tannkremstöflur með flúor

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vsk innifalinn

Tannkrems tuggutöflur koma í pökkum með 60 stk eða 240 stk og eru með flúori.  Það er engu vatni bætt í tannkremstöflurnar og þær eru fullkomnar fyrir handfarangur, ferðalög eða til hversdags notkunar.  Töflunnar eru notaðar allstaðar í heiminum í hversdagslífi margra sem ferðast mikið.  

Tannkremstöflurnar koma í  umhverfisvænum, plastlausum pakkningum.

Notkunar leiðbeiningar: 

Setjið eina töflu fremst í munninn og tyggið þar til að taflan verður bara froða og burstið svo með bleyttum tannbursta eins og alltaf.  Spýttu svo út tannkreminu eins og vanalega en EKKI skola munninn því töflurnar skilja eftir steinefnalag á tönnunum.


What are toothpaste tablets?

At last a plastic-free toothpaste that has fluoride in it (as recommended by every dentist ever) to protect the one set of teeth you get for life.

Non Plastic Beach made this toothpaste in dry tablet form, so they don’t transport the water & neither do you, making the tablets 100% hand luggage friendly. No more worrying about toothpaste in your bag at airport security, toothpaste stained clothes or a suspiciously “minty” broken laptop/iPad. If you are regular traveller, these will help cut down plastic waste twice over, helping you to avoid the clear plastic bag debacle at the security scanners.

The tablets are made in Berlin, Germany, which means they are made to EU standards and are overflowing with ethical manufacturing and quality certification, which is what Non Plastic Beach wanted for toothpaste, which is to protect your precious dental health!

The Box: Compostable or recyclable cardboard box with no plastic windows or coatings.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Aroma (Natural Mint Flavour), Menthol, Xanthan-Gum, Stevioside, Citric Acid, Sodium Fluoride, Eugenol. Contains Sodium Fluoride (1450 ppm)


Toothpaste tubes are generally made of plastic, often in more than one layer and type, that makes them a nightmare to deal with. There is a very high chance (unless incinerated) that the very first plastic toothpaste tube is still sitting in landfill somewhere.

The Fluoride Question In recent years, some people have decided that they don’t want fluoride in their toothpaste, having read scare stories about it being toxic! Like many things that are good for you (water, vitamin A to name just two), if you have them in incredibly high doses then you’re going to get yourself in trouble. (try drinking 10 litres of water on a normal day and you’ll soon see for yourself!) But unless you’re going to start devouring entire squeezy tubes of toothpaste as a daily snack, using toothpaste the way it was meant to be will only serve to give you glistening pearly whites. Fluoride is undoubtedly fantastic for your teeth and found in toothpaste, mouthwash and added to some drinking water. Even if you use all three, you will not get a harmful dose, but you might ensure you earn your sticker next time you visit the dentist.

Further reading on fluoride can be found below if you don’t believe the people who are selling something with it in… From a personal point of view, we use fluoride products and always have. We have also consulted with friends who are variously in the medical profession and university lecturers in biochemistry and they universally use fluoride products for themselves and their children. That is good enough for us.